Smart Thermostat Installation in Cambridge

We are proud to offer our smart thermostat installation services throughout Cambridge and the surrounding areas, including Sandy and Bedford.

If you're looking to turn your heating into a smart heating system with the installation of a smart thermostat, look no further than us at B-therm, call us today on 07742049367 or use our contact form below to send us a quick message. 

Smart Thermostat Installation

Smart thermostats are a great way to get greater control over your home's central heating system. And if you're considering installing one, and/or would like more information, get in touch with us.

As part of our installation service we'll not only install your smart thermostat at a time that suits you best, we'll also help you get used to your new smart thermostat by showing you how to use it and how to connect to your smartphone. 

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Benefits of installing a smart thermostat

There are many reasons why homeowners in Cambridge and the rest of the UK are opting for smart thermostats as a means to better control their heating; it's because they offer tons of benefits! Here's some benefits of smart thermostats...

  • Save money on your energy bills: It's a well-known fact that smart thermostats help you save money on your energy bills. How? You can set schedules for when your heating should turn on and you can easily see which days you're spending the most money on, and make adjustments to suit!
  • Greater heating control: Depending on how your central heating system is setup, you can use the smart thermostat to control different temperatures in your home, helping different occupants of the house set a temperature that's suitable for them.
  • Access your heating via your phone: If you're planning on coming home early and want your heating to be turned on when you get back, you can access your home's heating controls via your phone and just switch it on.

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