Underfloor Heating vs. Radiators: Which Should I Choose?

Central heating with radiators has been the norm since the early-to-mid 1900's, with very little competition to displace it's dominance in the UK market. 

That was until the early 2000's; where the introduction of underfloor heating into the UK market over the past decade has slowly but surely started to replace the traditional radiator heating system as the homeowners go-to choice. 

And it's easy to see why - underfloor heating is comfortable, cost-effective and more often than not considered a luxury option...

If you're considering whether to change your traditional heating system over to a system that uses underfloor heating, this blog post is for you; here's the 3 key differences between heating systems that use underfloor heating systems vs heating systems that use radiators. 

Heat distribution

Have you ever moved around a room where the radiators are switched on and noticed that one side of the room is warmer than the other?

Yes? That's because radiators use the process of convection.

Radiators / convection technology heats up the air in the immediate surrounding area and then slowly pass the heat around the room, creating cold spots on the floor (as heat rises) and on the other side of the room. 

Underfloor heating is different. 

Underfloor heating uses radiant heat, so it warms from the ground up and rather than heating the air,  radiant heat warms the people and the objects in the room, so it's considerably more effective at creating a warm environment. 

Radiators are inefficient

What do you do when you walk into a cold home?

More often than not you'll ramp up the thermostat on your boiler to maximum temperature and wait for your radiators to warm up the room. And how long does it take? Half an hour? An hour?

This isn't the case with underfloor heating systems. 

Because underfloor heating systems use radiant heat, warming the people and objects first, it helps to create a warmer environment quicker. 

And what does that mean? You no longer need to ramp up the temperature on your thermostat. You can just wait patiently whilst the underfloor heating does its work. 

Underfloor heating is much better at holding heat too, so you won't need to keep on switching your thermostat on and off to keep warm.

Decorating your home with radiators

Radiators are ugly, they take up too much space and they get in the way of other, more important features/furniture - fact. 

With underfloor heating you needn't worry about that. 

You can place whatever flooring/furniture you like above the heating without needing to worry; especially useful in small rooms like bathroom where every inch is crucial. 

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